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If you are not satisfied with your options in the marketplace currently or have certain requirements... maybe a custom built bike might be an option. Several models available or something that we can come up with together.

Bikes: Mountain, Road, Hybrid, BMX, Youth, Trike, Tandem, Fat Tire, Beach Cruiser, Cargo, Recumbent, etc... you choose.
Motor Location: Front Hub, Rear Hub, Mid Drive
Motors: 250w to 10kw
Pricing: Hub motor conversion start at $800 plus cost of bike; options for motor size, battery and accessories additional. Mid Drive motor conversions start at $1200 plus cost of bike; again options for motor size, battery and accessories additional.
Payment: ALL custom builds or custom conversions require payment in advance. Nothing will happen until paid in full. We accept payments in cash, wire transfer, national bank cashiers check, personal checks (with proper id and our judgement). No debit or credit cards. Any non cash payment method will require a 7-10 day hold and are subject to approval.

Timing: usually 5-30 days.

We have produces more than 300 custom conversions so we have worked out all the details. This is for local purchase and pickup only.

Custom built bikes or custom conversions: Any custom built bike is being built to your specs and we are performing this service as a sub contractor to you. We will honor manufacturer warranties for motor, battery, display, throttle and electronics. This may void existing warranty on non-electric bike that is converted. As a sub contractor, we take no responsibility for durability, wear and tear, breakage due to mis-use. Basic 30 day adjustment is required to go thru the bike, tighten bolts, make adjustments after settle in period.

Extended warranties: Extended Warranties available, 12 months - 10% of total purchase price